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Horizon STR

Enjoy summer like never before!

Wrinkle Wall Pattern | Pewter Gray & Onyx Structure Color


  • Height: 52/54
  • Top Ledge: 8" steel
  • Upright: Steel
  • Bottom Rail: Resin
  • Stabilizer: Steel
  • Bottom Plate: Resin
  • Top Plate: Steel
  • Ledge Cover: Two-piece


Affordable summer fun!

The Horizon STR’s steel structure is protected by a combination of finishes. Optimizing its resistance to corrosion while preventing condensation between the liner and the wall, ensuring a long life for your pool.

The Horizon STR’s oval pool system is available with the Buttress system. A structurally simplified design with superior strength and durability, that is both efficient and attractive.

Download The Horizon STR Brochure

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